1.25Inch EyepieceEyepiece 9mm for Telescope

Model: QHTE010
CategoryTelescope Eyepiece


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1.25INCH 58 DEGREE PLANETARY 9MM EYEPIECE will provide exceptionally high power along with very comfortable eye relief making it one of the best eyepieces around. 6 elements and 58 degrees field of view coupled with 15mm eye relief.

These eyepieces are noted for their high contrast and definition because of their high light transmission and minimal light scatter.

The eyepiece is brilliant for lunar and planetary work but is also a very capable performer at splitting double stars and showing huge detail in objects such as nebulae and globular clusters.

Eye relief is 15mm which makes it very comfortable to use – especially for such a short focal length eyepiece.The very short focal length 2.5mm eyepiece will work with f/8 reflectors and f/10 catadioptric scopes, but its tiny exit pupil (0.3mm with an f/8 scope and 0.25mm with an f/10) and very dim images with such scopes make it exceedingly difficult to use.