2Inch H-BETA Filter for Telescope

Model: QHFT022
CategoryTelescope Filters


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2Inch H-Beta Filter is useful for enhancing contrast during visual observation of faint nebulae in moderate to dark skies.

It also performs very well when used with a DSLR camera for astrophotography. It is a specialized filter that works very well on specific objects such as the Horsehead, Cocoon, and California Nebulae.

The filter works by blocking most visible wavelengths between 400nm to 620nm of the light spectrum, allowing just for the H-Beta light between 480nm to 490nm to pass through at 95%.

The filter essentially blackens the sky background, forcing the faint nebulae to appear.  

Due to its strong light reduction, it is most suited for use on large telescopes over 8" in aperture.