Microscope 40X-640X Optical Glass Lens All-Metal LED Biological

Model: 703501413323


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Product Description:

  • Large Range of Magnification: Objectives 4X, 10X, and 40X with eyepieces WF X10 and 16X Eyepiece Cellphone Digiscoping Adapter giving a magnification range of 40X-640X.
  • LED illumination system uses AC 110V power adapter (adapter included) and all optical glass elements includes single lens condenser with disc diaphragm.
  • Fully-coated glass optics, all-metal framework body with monocular.
  • Comes with a smartphone digiscoping adapter with 16X eyepiece, Capture beauty in the micro world with the adapter.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY GUARANTEE - Reliable and friendly customer service, if you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

Solomark professional monocular biological compound microscope set, 40X-640X large range magnification, lead you to explore the fantastic micro-world.
This is an ideal microscope for home school or for students in elementary to high school to learn sciences. It is also an excellent instrument for hobbyists.
Included smartphone adapter allows you to capture and record beauty all around you. So you can share fun with your families and friends.

Use of microscope
For student— Help student more intuitive understanding of the knowledge on book, arouse students' love of natural science.
For amateurs—Make you closer to nature and closer to the micro world which can’t saw by naked eye.
For breeding workers—You can quickly find the problem of your plants or animal when you find there is some wrong with them by observing their excrement or something else.
For collector— It can help you view more detail of the collection, and identify the authenticity before you buy something.

Parking list:
40x – 640x microscope
16X Eyepiece Smartphone adapter
10x Eyepiece
Instruction manual