WA66°Super Wide Eyepiece 6mm

Model: QHTE020
CategoryTelescope Eyepiece


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6mm Fully-multicoated. All of the eyepieces in this series have an apparent field of view (AFOV) of 66°. These are quite attractive with a sleek black body, bright chrome barrels, and gold top ring.

To make it even better.Contrast in very important to bring out faint deep-sky features and fine planetary detail. These eyepieces have edge-blackened optics and advanced multi-coated optics.

These additional steps in the manufacturing process result in better contrast with your telescope. In any view through a telescope, especially where a bright star or planet is present, there is some light scatter. With standard optics some of this light may be reflected back into the eyepiece and results in decreased contrast.

With edge-blackened optics, this reflection is eliminated.

The fully multi-coated optics on these eyepieces appear green at small angles and magenta (purple) at large angles. Multi-coating is more difficult to produce but results in increased contrast