About Us

About Us
You must not underestimate a child's love for astronomy and nature. Little Totti falls asleep every day with curiosity about the universe, mountains and rivers, and all things in nature. If love is a small seed, then this seed grows up with his age in Totti's heart.
In 1992, Totti's father established his small workshop for making basic adapters for amateurs from Japan and China. During that period, he designed and manufactured crafted accessories for telescope and camera. He won a great reputation in the astronomical field and received many orders beyond his ability to fulfill them on time.
So in 2000, he started to expand his business into astronomical photography, Mount and other Field. However, at that time he only focuses on designing and manufacturing the products instead of promoting his brand.
In 2005, Totti graduated from college. He collected groups of customers from all over the world. With the increasing number of customers, the demand for customers also extends from the astronomy market to the hunting market.
Since then, he has been looking for a variety of optical products for clients in China, from previous telescopes to binoculars, from binoculars to spotting scope, to night-vision, rangefinder, and so on.
In 2014, Totti has established the brand “SOLOMARK” and began to develop a series of optical products, such as binoculars, monoculars, spotting scope. It also launched the amazon retail market in North America.
In 2015, our products were beginning to enter the European market. At the same time, Totti cooperated with his friends and began polishing and production of optical glass parts to enhance the competitiveness of our products.
In 2016, Our company began to develop and produce product combined optics with electronics., such as night vision, WI-FI camera, electronic spotting scope. Now, we have successfully developed a series of products and received good market feedback.
After so many years of development, our company has not satisfied the status, and always been trying to expand the market and improve the product line. The rifle scope and night sight are already on our drawing. We are waiting for more sales agents and customers to join us to provide better products to hunters, photography enthusiasts sets, and other professionals in the world.

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